Find your "Why" and Stick to it!



In a recent post, I discussed finding your "why". Do you know your why? Your why fuels your what and how. What you do and how you decide to do it. I then went on to explain that our children do more of what we DO, than what we say. My sweet babies are my why. Why I get up every morning without complaint (I am not a morning person haha) , Why I made a point to hone in on what God put me on this Earth to do, Why I "go so hard". 

Ultimately your "Why" will motivate you to do the things that you don't really "feel' like doing, but you know are necessary to reach your goals. Most people identify their Why within their children or family members that are dear to them, other people have the fear of failure and attribute their Why to that. Whatever your "Why" may be, stick to it! Most people find themselves stagnant and unfulfilled because they have yet to identify their Why. My urge you to find your why, stick to it, and go out in the Earth and show up!